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If you've clicked this then we hope it's because you're a land owner and you've heard about us! 

Remember the good ol'days of your youth when you'd grab your dad's Cooey .22LR and head out into the pastures to shoot a few gophers and small game? We do too, We never grew out of it. But we did buy some better toys. We understand that farming is, and has been the backbone of Alberta for some time. Gophers can be damaging to both your livestock and crops. That's why we'd like to offer to help.


It's a mutually beneficial agreement: 


  • Our guys get the target practice to keep their skills sharp for when it matters, aim small miss small. Besides, Shooting paper targets get's boring after a few years.  

  • You get less gophers damaging your land, at zero cost to you. 

We arrive with all the ammo, firearms and supplies that we need just tell us where you want us! It's as easy as that.

Not sold on us yet? Here's some extra things we do:

  • We carry fire extinguishing equipment: we understand the area gets very dry and we don't want a grass fire from a hot casing.

  • We close gates.. Properly!.. No Cows getting out on our watch.

  • We're trained, safe and very organized.

  • We don't mind helping out with anything should you need a spare pair of hands, should something come up.

  • We're free and we can get 100's of gophers a day. We start heading out during the spring and have outings throughout the summer.

  • We make an entire weekend out of the trips. We stay in local hotels as to not be an inconvenience during night time hours.

  • We bring a team of people! 7-8 guys that are just happy to be out there.

It's just a few boxes to get started! Once complete we'll respond in a few hours! 

Pasture / Farm Registration - Help us, Help you!

Thanks for submitting!

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